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Our Latest Blog Entry

March 29, 2021

For me, creativity is a gift for the soul and collaborative creativity is a unique opportunity for those involved to participate in the art of inspired healing. Nowhere is this truer than in the practice of heart-centered hypnosis or the practice of joining with the client with intentional empathy so as to become an open channel for higher guidance and inspiration.

What I find when I open to this “inspiration” is that thoughts, words and images come that are delivered in a way that is natural to me and right and perfect for the client and the healing intention that we’ve set. Most of the time, I am not surprised by the synchronistic sessions that we create, but there are those magic moments when something unexpected drops in and a healing masterpiece is born.

The use of the word masterpiece is not one that is usually associated with hypnosis. However, with this type of hypnotic joining, it is the perfect metaphor for the combination of healing intention, collaboration and creative inspiration that can be expressed in the art of heart-centered hypnosis.

Heart-centered hypnosis as an art form is slightly different than traditional scripted hypnosis in that it is organic and is born in the moment, unique to each experience. This requires centering the self, joining with the client and surrendering to the healing wisdom that is created as higher self joins higher self. This collaborative creativity of hypnotherapist, client and higher guidance sets in motion the inspired healing that ignites when consciousness and spirit collide.

Our Second Blog Entry

March 22, 2021

In my book, Grief~Dance Workbook – Creative Expression for Honoring Loss, I integrate creative arts, such as storytelling, collage, and poetry, with hypnotic processes of soul communication, revivification and hypnotic deepening, all with the intention of tapping into and giving expression to deep grief. The collaborative creativity and subsequent inspired healing that takes place in these exercises comes from a willingness to suspend the limitations of the egoic mind and enter into a connection with the self, the loved one passed, and the higher healing wisdom that is within each of us. In doing this, it is possible to enter into a state of heart-centered self-hypnosis that can lead to insight, integration and release.

Our First Blog Entry

March 15, 2021

Last Saturday I taught a three hour webinar for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners on Transformational Coaching. This combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy is a super effective way to find greater balance and life satisfaction and works with all imaginable issues. But that's not what I really want you to know. What I really want you to know is that I am so appreciative of the amazing people that were in the workshop who, like me, are dedicated to helping humanity get through this crazy, uncertain and chaotic time, one client, one heartbeat at a time. So, namaste to you beautiful hypno-healers and to all of you out there that are doing whatever you can to plant seeds of kindness and compassion. Those seeds, when tended, will grow and will nourish our souls into a new reality.

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