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We are here to help you  thrive with mind, body and spirit well being.




Kym is the sole proprietor of a thriving enterprise focusing on mind, body and spirit health and well being. It began in 2004 with her dream of teaching a holistic form of rehabilitation. Since then it has progressed into a budding labyrinth of potential for her as a holistic counselor, teacher, speaker and integrative life coach.

In the progression, she has worked in the counseling field for 30 years and has been integrating holistic practices into her work for much of that time.

In addition to working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for both public and private factions, Kym has led a variety of trainings on self-esteem, empowerment and spirituality both in the US and abroad.

Until recently her efforts have focused primarily on the field of disability and rehabilitation, where she has had, among other honors, the opportunity of presenting at the National Rehabilitation Association Conference in Tucson, AZ on the topic of "Re-Energizing Rehabilitation."

Kym is passionate about the need for inspired holism in both individual and collective consciousness and it is her goal to advance awareness by coaching, speaking and providing CEU trainings on the integration of higher consciousness into various fields and practices.

She is a frequent conference presenter and makes it her goal to bring laughter into her topics.


PhD, Holistic Ministries
MA, Counseling and Ed. Psych.
BA, Criminal Justice
CSLC, Certified Strategic Life Coach
CHT, Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy
CRC, Certified Rehab. Counselor

* Certified Genesis Breathwork

* Certified Yoga Instructor

* Grief and Loss Counseling

* Multicultural Counseling

* Career Training and Development

* CEU Provider (pre-approved)


Providing education and guidance to assist my clients in navigating life transitions with confidence, clarity,

and joyful enthusiasm.


Please note, that while I am highly qualified with years of experience, I am not a licensed counselor or psychologist and do not present myself as such. I do not diagnose or prescribe. If necessary, I can provide referrals to local holistic practitioners who do.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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